Titanic sank 105 years ago this Saturday, taking a piece of Las Vegas with it

Starting Wednesday, April 12, 2017, five rare artifacts with direct ties to Clark County, recovered from RMS Titanic’s wreck site, will go on display for a limited-time engagement at “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” inside Luxor Hotel and Casino. (Jeff Gillan/KSNV)

“Well, the first clue was this gold locket that has the initials "VC" on it,” says Alexandra Klingelhofer, the Vice President of Collections for Premier Exhibitions, the company that runs the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor.

Laid out on a piece of cloth in a portion of the exhibit, Klingelhofer showed me a small gold piece of jewelry. The “VC” engraved on it stood for Virginia Clark, the sister-in-law of Senator William Clark, the namesake of our county.

Virginia was on the Titanic that night with her husband, Walter Clark, the senator's brother.

“Her story was that when they hit the iceberg, she went up to the smoking lounge to find her husband, who was playing poker,” Klingelhofer said.

Virginia Clark returned to America a widow.

Her husband was among the 1,514 who died, nearly 70% of the ship’s complement.

In 1994, in the field of debris surrounding the wreck, they found a satchel which had things they believe belonged to the Clark's.

Inside was toiletry items, cuff links, gambling chips and more.

“This is a shaving tube. It has shaving soap inside of it so you would use it to brush and work up a lather with the soap inside,” says Klingelhofer.

105 years later, the story of this ship still fascinates, even for buffs who were born nearly a century later.

“What's interesting about it is I think like, how big it was and all the places in it,” says 9-year-old Sam Berezovski whose visiting from Milwaukee with his family.

It was the biggest moving object of its time, and the exhibit at the Luxor features the biggest piece of the hull ever recovered.

The artifacts still speak about those who sailed and the few who returned.

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