Prepare to dodge the detours: More closures coming for Project Neon

Get ready to dodge new detours this holiday weekend if you need to go anywhere near the Spaghetti Bowl.

More closures are on tap for Project Neon, the $1 billion widening project that's affecting both I-15 and U.S. 95.

Progress isn't pretty but it's certainly necessary to ease traffic congestion.

Starting Friday night, the on-ramp from Casino Center to northbound U.S. 95 will be shut down intermittently through March 3, so as needed, it will close.

It's not the only change affecting the downtown corridor.

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"We like it here, the people are nice," said downtown resident Nancy Shubin. "Lots to see, lots to do."

Ten thousand steps a day, a personal goal for Shubin.

At the corner of U.S. 95 and Casino Center, her exercise route is protected inside the walls of an RV Park.

She and her husband have been staying there a few months, parked next to the biggest public works project in Nevada history.

"We heard a couple nights ago they had some heavy equipment running. It was about 10:00 at night, but we listened to it for a few minutes and fell asleep," said Shubin.

Shubin says at this point, all the construction is white noise, part of life in downtown Las Vegas.

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Tony Illia with the Nevada Department of Transportation says it might get worse before it gets better.

"Traffic through this corridor is set to double in the next twenty years," said Illia.

There are also inside lane closures on both sides of I-15 from the Spaghetti Bowl to Owens, throughout this weekend and the near future, according to the contractor.

The takeaways are needed so crews can install foundations for news ATMS.

Not the money-dispensing kind, but rather, Active Transit Management Signs -- the next generation of those overhead reader boards.

"When you're approaching the sign it will tell you if there's a crash, which lane it is, and where to get over," said Illia.

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As for Shubin, she takes all that construction in stride, knowing the end result will be a better flow of traffic.

But until then, she says she would rather walk.

"It does slow you down," said Shubin. "I don't go on the freeways much because I don't like them."

All of this construction is set to wrap up in 2019. NDOT is even developing an app to get you around easier.

For more information on current closures, visit the Project Neon website.

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