Trial set to begin for suspect in brutal murder of mother and 10-year-old daughter

Five years after a mother and daughter were brutally murdered, the jury trial for the accused killer, Bryan Clay, is set to begin.

In 2012, a mother and daughter were killed in a random act of violence. While sleep in their own home, an intruder broke in, viciously attacking the family.

Now, five years later, the accused killer, Bryan Clay, is heading to trial.

Jury selection began earlier this week for this death penalty case.

Police call this an absolutely senseless and horrific crime. Two people were killed and a third was savagely beaten.

After five years and several trial dates pushed back, the case against 27-year-old Clay is set to begin.

Testimony is expected next week in a case that brought fear to a northeast neighborhood.

Yadira Martinez and her 10-year-old daughter Karla were killed inside their own home.

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Yadira's husband, Arturo, was beaten nearly to death.

"I have to feel pain," said Arturo Martinez.

We caught up with him a year after the murders as he was still recovering from 17 skull fractures.

He says faith helped him survive.

"I can say I forgive this, this guy," said Martinez. "I pray for him every day. As a Catholic, as a Christian, that's all I can do."

The crime occurred on April 15, 2012. The Martinez family was asleep in their beds when police say Clay broke in, sexually assaulting and murdering Yadira and Karla while incapacitating Arturo. Two young sons were left uninjured.

In fact, one of the boys later walked to school and told an employee there that something was wrong at his house.

It was a random act of extreme violence that left friends and neighbors shaken.

"I couldn't see him making any enemies. None. Very nice, soft-spoken, take his shirt off to help you," said one neighbor.

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Pictures taken inside the Martinez home several weeks after the murders show police finger and footprint dusting throughout the home.

Relatives were left to rip up flooring, paint over walls, and box up the Martinez family possessions, even while a memorial out front continued to grow.

"This guy destroyed our life, no word to describe how our lives are affected by a devil," said one relative.

As for Clay, he told police he doesn't remember what happened.

Now, a jury will be asked to sift through the evidence, while at Woodlawn Cemetery, a mother and daughter are now buried together. The message on the tombstone: 'Life is not forever.' But love is.

"If he has to face the death penalty, I can not say if he deserves it or not. What we do here, we have to pay here," said Arturo.

Jury selection began earlier in the week. The court is off Friday for Nevada Day, but both sides will be back in on Monday.

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