Turn around or pay: Motorists now liable for flash flood rescues

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - Turn around, don't drown is now, turn around or pay up.

A new law will bill motorists who bypass barricades or drive into flooded roadways and need to be rescued up to $2,000. The law goes into effect July 1st, which also marks the beginning of flash flood season.

"I've had to drive through it pretty deep coming from work," said Randy Skow who knows the dangers flash flooding can bring.
Skow recommends waiting for waters to go down, although he has seen plenty of drivers taking the risk and plowing through potentially dangerous waters.

State Sen. David Parks said he modeled the law after Arizona's current law which pins the tab for rescues on those who recklessly enter flooded waters instead of burdening taxpayers.

"It puts our public safety employees at great risk," Sen. Parks told News 3.

Since 1960 more than 39 people have been killed in Southern Nevada by flood-related incidents.

The Regional Flood Control District currently has 14 projects either underway or planned throughout Southern Nevada to minimize flooding problems, totaling roughly $120 million.

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