Turning Moonshine into Whiskey at the Pioneer Saloon


Tom Sheckells with Pioneer Saloon says, "this is one of the oldest saloons in Nevada, it was built in 1913."

When it comes to the "Wild Wild West", it's hard to beat the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada.

"It's all made from pressed tin", says Sheckells

There are the bullet holes from a 1915 card cheating homicide, and the Hollywood tragedy of Carol Lombard's fatal plane crash nearby Mt. Potosi. It's the history that's kept customers coming in, until now.

Shelley Mansholt, an owner of Barrel, says "it was like, oh what's going to happen to this?"

A plan to turn moonshine into whiskey, quickly taking off.

Personalized barrels now lining the Pioneer's back patio.

Sheckells states, "think of them as adult chemistry sets."

"The moonshine itself comes from Las Vegas Distillery. 100 proof. Customers buy a barrel, pour it in, then create their own product," Sheckells continued.

Travis Thomas an owner of Barrel says,"looks good, smells good."

Travis and Shelley Mansholt are pouring their own orange-cinnamon blend for friends.

"We went to the stores and bought our own extracts. We named it TNT. For Travis Nathan Thomas", says Thomas.

"This is our way of giving back. We believe in the Pioneer Saloon and its rich history. This is to be preserved", says Mansholt.

On average, it takes about eight months for the whiskey to age. But it depends on the "chemist."

For the names, there's Jerry's Concealed Weapon, Moose #13 and Baldheaded Whiskey.

"When they come out it's festive, and more of an event. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, it's good whiskey", says Sheckells.

The total investment is about $1500.00. However, the barrel can be reused and for Thomas and Mansholt, this was an opportunity they could not pass up.

Mansholt says, "this is an iconic town that is an escape for me from Las Vegas."

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