TVs, virtual reality, and drones make a splash at CES on day one

Everything from cool gadgets to the latest and greatest innovations in technology are on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center. CES officially kicked off Thursday with an anticipated 165,000 guests in attendance.

Nearly 4,000 tech companies are hoping to get noticed at CES. With day one in the books, here are some of the gadgets that caught our attention.

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CES started out 50 years ago looking for the latest innovations in TVs. That still holds true today but is much more impressive.

A two-sided 55-inch flat screen TV by Skyworth isn't available just yet but it definitely caught the eye of convention goers. It has the ability to run two video feeds on opposing screens.

Virtual reality is also no stranger to CES but now it's reaching new levels.

"There were elements of VR in the early 90s ... But this is where you're getting extreme HD technology, where you really feel immersed and you're there," said John Colucci, Sinclair Social Media Director and tech expert.

From big ones to little ones, drones are also prominent on the convention floor. Some are pocket-sized making them convenient for the average consumer.

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In the field of robotics, instead of Rosie the robot from The Jetsons, meet its Chinese-based counterpart. Sanbot is a personal assistant designed to help with education, retail, security, and it runs just under $12,000.

CES is often considered a powerhouse of ideas – where imagination meets reality.

"A lot of the ideas that are taking place not just in the meeting rooms round here but in the various hotels in Las Vegas and the bars, they're going to become next year’s innovation," said Colucci.

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