Two fatal drownings in 24 hours, experts say most are preventable


Cierra Beal remembers the feeling 13 years after her little boy Austin silently went under water.

"It still haunts me every day," Beal said.

In just a few minutes, Austin nearly drowned when he was only a year and a half old. Beal said goodbye, taking him off life support, 10 years later.

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After hearing about the fatal drowning of a 3-year-old in a neighbor's backyard this holiday, she posted on social media.

"My first things were I'm so sorry that they are going to be living a nightmare that they are never going to wake up from because it doesn't go away," she said.

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No word yet how the boy got into the yard -- it had a block wall and was gated.

Authorities say this isn't the only drowning. A teen died after he slipped underwater at Lake Mojave on Tuesday.

Maria Moilanen certifies lifeguards and said drownings are almost always preventable.

"Coast Guard-approved life vests. So not the water wings where they might lose one wing and then they are going to drown," Moilanen said.

A-B-C-D'S of drowning:

  • Adult supervision without distractions
  • Barriers around a pool
  • Classes to learn CPR and training
  • Devices like life vests
  • Moilanen said it's never too early

Children come out of a liquid environment so you get them right back into the liquid environment as soon as you can. Infants are learning to float, which can save their life.

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