Two Las Vegas home burglars steal tvs, cash, and bikes in 15 minutes

Two Las Vegas home burglars steal tvs, cash, and bikes in 15 minutes (KSNV)

Two burglars were caught on video breaking into a home on the south side of Las Vegas.

It happened on Tuesday morning near Windmill and Pebble.

The crooks busted through a window into the dining room.

Homeowner Ashley Sylvester said he was at work.

“I could see and hear everything they were doing,” said Ashley Sylvester.

Sylvester admits he felt helpless as he watched a video of the break-in on his phone.

His Nest camera shows one crook unplug his TV and walk away with it.

Later, the crooks grab Sylvester’s TV remote.

“Just the thought that some random stranger would come into someone's home, and take their things and be pretty casual about it, and not worry about,” noted Sylvester. “No sense of respect for private property.”

But there is one thing the burglars overlooked.

“You know the funny thing is, they didn't see the camera the whole time like he came through here and didn't look up,” he explained.

One crook finally sees Sylvester’s camera and unplugs it, but it’s too late. Video of their faces was already saved on Sylvester’s phone.

Sylvester called 911 but the bad guys were able to get away in a burgundy van with his TVs, bikes IPads and cash.

John Ferreira lives a few doors down from Sylvester.

“They can come to any home at any time. Especially now they come during the day, and not at night. It's kind of scary,” said Ferreira.

It’s why Sylvester is spreading the word to his other’s neighbors through the Nextdoor app.

He knows the next home hit, could be someone close by.

“When I think about replacing the items that were stolen, I wonder if I should even bother,” said Sylvester.

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