U-Haul stolen from local family found, missing child's medical equipment


In a story you’ll only see here on News 3, a local mother explains how she used social media to get back a stolen U-Haul filled with her family’s belongings.

It wasn’t just the clothing and furniture they needed back, but medical equipment used by her son, who has special needs.

Nikia Dyson says she and her family were in the process of moving and sorting items to put into storage when it started getting late. Her kids had school the next day, so she and her husband decided to pack things up and parked the U-Haul truck in extra resident parking.

The next morning, the truck and everything on it was gone, including the medical supplies her little boy uses to walk and talk.

Two-year-old Aiden Dyson has spent his entire life fighting through a life-threatening birth defect, known as CDH.

“He's not three yet, but the challenges that he's faced have been tremendous,” explained his mother.

Those challenges were taken a step further this week, when Nikia says the moving truck was stolen right outside their home.

In addition to the countless memories, the truck was housing Aiden’s specially-made medical equipment.

“Well over $2,000 for just his car seat alone. His gait trainer and stander value between $3,000 and $5,000 each,” she said. “These are very valuable pieces. This is not just something that I can go to Walmart and go pick up.”

After posting their story on Facebook, someone spotted the truck and called North Las Vegas Police.

Dyson says some of her family’s items were still there, but everything had been torn through and there were even things that they believe were stolen and stored there from someone else.

Some of Aiden’s things were also still missing.

“All of that equipment would be very specific to him, ordered very specifically for him. You can’t go down and get it off the shelf at Walgreens,” said Lee Johnson, the Regional Area Director for National Seating Mobility, where many of Aiden’s items were ordered.

“We absolutely definitely want to be a part of giving back into this situation right here and we are going to donate $1,000 to start that process out for the Dyson family.”

Bringing some goodness, in spite of the bad deeds of others.

“It may not of any of value to them but it has so much value to us,” said Dyson.

Even with the donation, Aiden still is missing and needs things for his day-to-day therapy.

If you’d like to help his mother and therapists have put together a wish list that you can fullfil just in time for the holidays.

Wheelchair/Adaptive Stroller:

Special Tomato Jogger with Linear Insert


Snug Seat Stingray Wheelchair with Outdoor Mobility base


Ormesa New Bug Seating System with 3 Wheel Jogger Base

Specific Therapy Tools:

Therapy Bench



Jenx Bee Seating System

P-Pod Postural Support System

Corner Chair/Sitter with Table


Bathseat/Splashy Portable Bath Sear


GoTo Postural Support Seat


Adaptive Swing

Adaptive Tricycle

Scoot 4-in-1 Mobility Rider


Nessie Companion

Upsee Upright Mobility Device

To donate, you can connect with Aiden’s family through his Facebook page or GoFundMe.

You can also order items directly from the list by calling National Seating Mobility at (702) 565-5570 and mentioning “Aiden Dyson."

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