Unemployment in Nevada dips below 5-percent

    Amazon, The Honest Company highlight Southern Nevada economic news. 11/17/16 (MGN Online)

    For February the jobless rate in Nevada came in at 4.9 percent in Nevada. It’s the first time unemployment has been under 5-percent since November 2007.

    “Construction has come back a lot and is the fastest growing right now,” says UNLV economics professor Stephen M. Miller.

    Miller wasn’t surprised to see Nevada add 5,400 construction jobs during the first two months of 2017, and he believes the trend will continue.

    “We see the economy will continue to move in a positive direction,” says Miller.

    The numbers were announced by the office of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.

    “It’s a watershed moment in our state’s recovery efforts,” the governor said, in a prepared statement.

    While there are more jobs, and more people are working, they’re working for less money. Service industry jobs in gaming and at restaurants and hotels employ the majority of job seekers.

    Nevada workers are paid roughly 18 percent less that workers in other states for similar jobs.

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