UNLV entrepreneurs compete for big money

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A big competition is underway for UNLV entrepreneurs, and big money is at stake.

They are down to the semi-finalists for the 2016 Southern Nevada Business Plan competition.

$80,000 is up for grabs along with prizes. There are 10 semi-finalists, offering business plans from a nocturnal amusement park, to a fire retardant treatment.

"We are going before potential investors," said Lee Business School student Kegan McMullan is talking about his team's invention he believes can save lives.

"We entered an exclusive licensing agreement," he explains.

His team is one of the semi-finalists hoping to win it all with the product he believes in.

It's a fire retardant product PyroHalt, that he says could be used on mattresses and curtains in Las Vegas hotels.

"The flame would create a chemical reaction with the polymer and the polymer reacts," McMullan says.

So if someone fell asleep while smoking, flames may not spread.

"It creates a layer of char between the curtain and the fire and this chemical reaction actually extinguishes the flame at its source, so it stops it and protects whatever is supposed to be protected," said McMullan.

McMullan says it's not just curtains. It can be used on just about anything.

"It doesn't change the way it looks, it doesn't change the way it feels and it doesn't change the color by any means. But when you try to light it on fire, it won't catch on fire," said McMullan.

Now he's trying to get others to believe in their product so they can get it launched.

Some of the other ideas: a high-tech greenhouse, and a vegan transition tool.

The awards gala is April 29th.

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