USDA Secretary comes to Las Vegas to talk better local farming and less food waste

As dinner is served up, Southern Nevada farmers spent their day serving up ideas on how to improve farms to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue. His stop in Las Vegas comes the same day President Trump announced a 25% boost to federal funds for rural infrastructure.

Perdue talked about Trump’s plan to rebuild rural areas.

“The president understands that we are behind the curve on investing in infrastructure," Perdue said.

The new budget means new rural roads, supplying affordable utilities and rural broadband for growing farms and e-commerce.

Perdue also went to the Aria to learn about recycling food waste and how local farms are using leftover food from strip resorts.

One of those farms is the Combs' family-owned pig farm. Owner Hank Combs has ideas for business growth like the possibility of packaging food here.

"Nevada has a lot of products, but it all ships out of state then comes back in boxes. We need a facility in this state," Combs said.

Perdue also held a town hall at Gilcrease Orchard many are hopeful improvements will mean stronger agriculture business for future generations. Secretary Perdue has hit 33 states so far he plans to head to Tulare, California Tuesday for the World Ag Show.

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