Valley gun violence impacting young children

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A young innocent child was caught in the crossfire during a shooting in North Las Vegas, Thursday night.

A young girl tragically died after being shot inside her own home.

Her family, police say were the unintended target of what investigators are calling a gang-related shooting.

“A family is in mourning right now and it's sad,” a neighbor said.

Innocent lives suddenly changed forever. Some ending too soon.

“She was a beautiful little girl, she was full of life, she had a heart of gold,” said Marlene Nava, a relative of 11-year-old Angelina Erives who was tragically shot and killed, Thursday night.

Nothing can ever prepare a family for what happened to Angelina.

What's left now is a house riddled with bullet holes and a family broken.

“No parent should have to deal with a tragedy like this,” said North Las Vegas Police Department Assistant Valley gun violence impacting young children Chief Pamela Ojeda.

The reality is many families are.

Recently, young children have become the unintended targets of gun violence across the valley.

Just two months ago, a 7-year-old little girl was shot during an argument outside a smoke shop near Tropicana and Spencer.

Over the summer a 10-year-old little girl bravely took a bullet for her baby brother during a parking lot shootout near Nellis and Stewart.

Phil Ramos a retired homicide detective with LVMPD says it's hard to prevent incidents like these from happening.

“Hit the floor. Get behind a heavy piece of furniture, crawl under a table and just stay there until the gunshots are done," Ramos said.

The family says little Angelina’s mother did just that, telling everyone to get down but it was just too late.

The unthinkable has now changed the family’s life forever.

“You never expect that in the safety of your own home this is going to happen,” Nava said,

North Las Vegas Police is asking for anyone with information on this shooting to come forward.

You can do that by calling Crime Stoppers at 702-382-5555.

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