Vegas Home Burglaries: 300 guns stolen in 39 days

Vegas Home Burglaries: 300 guns stolen in 39 days (KSNV)

300 guns have been stolen in home burglaries in the last 40 days.

Metro Police worry the weapons are ending up in the wrong hands.

Officers say some of those guns will be used to commit other crimes in our city.

A recent home burglary happened near Russell Road and Mesa Park. That’s close to Bishop Gorman High School.

The crooks took guns from the home.

Police say they're still on the run.

Kirill Byelin at The Safe-Keeper on Charleston Boulevard near Jones Boulevard says it's easy to lock up your guns.

"Everybody says the same thing, we never thought about locking up our guns, until it (a burglary) happened to us", said Byelin.

Safes at The Safe-Keeper start at $600.

A box to store your pistol will cost about $200.

"It’s a small price to pay for the security level you get and the peace of mind," said Byelin.

Las Vegas homeowner and father David Lee has two safes inside his home, one is hidden. For him, there is no such thing as being overly cautious.

"I don’t want people to come in and have my guns out where they can take them", said Lee.

Metro Officer Larry Hadfield hopes the number of home burglaries involving guns being stolen this year will persuade people to keep their guns locked up.

"People get their firearms stolen and the same people that are committing these crimes, commit other crimes”, said Metro Officer Larry Hadfield.

“We’ve gotta somehow figure that out and it all starts with people locking up their guns", he continued.

There is no gun registration in Nevada. So when a firearm is stolen from a home, it’s difficult to track if it ends up being used in a crime.

If you can't afford a gun safe or box, police recommend getting a gun lock.

To find out how to get a gun lock for free, click here.

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