VEGAS LOST: New app aims to keep students safer at school


    In Clark County, classes hadn’t even begun when the cuffs went on.

    Two students were arrested by Monday morning.

    In Henderson, at Foothill High School a teen was arrested for threatening the school. Another student was arrested for bringing a gun to Green Valley High.

    “Over the weekend, we had three very serious allegations,” Tammy Malich told us. “One unfounded and two resulted in police action.”

    Both of those students were arrested because the school knew about the threats early. Both were reported using a new anonymous tip app called SafeVoiceNV.

    The tips go to the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Its then sent to a three-person team from the district. If serious, the tip moves to school police, in some cases local police are brought in.

    That’s what happened this past weekend.

    “The better time to deal with that is before the student steps on campus, that’s what safe voice allows us to do. Weekends or holidays... law enforcement will respond to those tips,” Malich tells us.

    The District is facing a security issue. That’s according to our governor who put together a committee of Superintendents and law enforcement officials to identify what changes need to be made.

    Change is here, it’s on your phone.

    Tammy Malich believes SafeVoice is the key to turning around a serious problem in Clark County.

    “The more educating we can do, the more informing we can do the more systems like this, the more opportunities to share that information," she said.

    SafeVoiceNV is available for download on iPhone and Android.

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