Vegas Lost: Northwest Academy's troubled past with the state


A controversial boarding school has been closely watched by the state for years.

Northwest Academy has spent years under what’s called a provisional license.

An agency is given a provisional license when they're found in violation of a state statute or code. It gives Child Care Licensing an opportunity to closely monitor that agency as they get compliant.

Northwest Academy was on a provisional license two weeks ago when a 14-year-old former student claimed he was abused inside.

They were on that license when that complaint led to the arrest of a teacher. Their license is still active.

The state tells us an agency like Northwest can be on a provisional license for as long as one year. In their history, Northwest Academy has come close to that limit a few times.

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They were on a provisional license for 10 months starting in October of 2012. They got a complaint in September of 2013 and held that license for two months.

Again in May of 2015 they were given a provisional license and had the state closely watching for eleven months before fixing their problems. It’s the same story for long stretches in 2017-18.

Up until now. While Nye County Sheriff's officials investigate abuse claims and kids drink bottled water to avoid the arsenic in their taps, the state is supposedly closely watching again.

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