VEGAS LOST: Positively Kids is positively frozen thanks to government shutdown

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A fight over a wall, a border, the safety of Americans and migrants alike is now putting the safety of kids here in Las Vegas at risk.

“More children just don’t get cared for," Fred Schultz tells us.

Schultz runs Positively Kids, a nonprofit with a big mission; they take kids born addicted to drugs and they give them medical care. They detox them and continue to give them care through those early developmental years.

News 3 was there last year when they celebrated a federal grant that would help them expand that work and allow them to add more children and to better track the ones they currently serve.

The $750,000 grant is now frozen by the D.C. gridlock.

“A child on a ventilator, a child on a feeding tube, a child with a gunshot wound, we provide care 24 hours in the home," Schultz tells us. "Regular insurance won’t pay for that. That has to come from grant money."

Positively Kids is now very unsure about their future. They are working and planning on how to spend the money that they hope will come soon. Until then Schultz has a message for D.C.

“This is not about being a Democrat or a Republican,” said Schultz. "This is about taking care of the child. Because if you don’t spend the money now you’re going to spend three times the amount when he’s three, four, five, six years old.”

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