VEGAS LOST: Viewers tell us their experiences with CCSD Individualized Education Plans

Is the School District doing enough for students who need an individualized education? That’s the question we posed in our Vegas Lost series on individualized education plans. It touched a nerve, drawing tremendous response with hundreds of you reaching out to tell us your personal stories.

We want to show some of those to you we have hidden the identities of the folks who shared them.

There was a wide range of opinions here. Let’s start with some support for schools.

Stephanie wrote that her son's IEP has been a life saver, and she has no complaints.

Yvonne shared her Child's IEP story, telling us she gets daily reports from teachers, and raised hell to make sure she gets them. She says she stays extremely involved, texting with teachers every day.

We received a lot of comments from teachers or former teachers as well. One common theme is class sizes.

Michele wrote “please understand we are doing our best with what we have” -- overcrowded classrooms and no supplies.

Teresa echoed that, and added to it, writing “we are doing the impossible with children crammed into classrooms as many as fifty at a time,” ending with “Fund us fully. Treat us right. Stop overcrowding."

We love getting the feedback. We want to keep following these stories. We plan on doing just that and encourage you to keep reaching out as well.

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