VEGAS LOST: Nevada convicted teen girls sent to prison in other states?

Teen convicted to jail time, but where will the state house her? (KSNV)

What is justice in Nevada?

For some teenage girls, there is none. Justice for them is found across the border in Arizona.

That sobering fact was on display during the sentencing of 15-year-old Dayshara Paschal Campos.

“The concern that I have here is that I don’t know whether the State of Nevada has the ability to address people in your situation", Judge William Kephart addressed Campos in court. “We certainly don’t have the housing.”

Dayshara was sentenced on Monday. She was convicted as an adult in a violent attack on a pregnant classmate.

Nevada does not have a place to house her. There is no prison for a girl her age and no program to rehabilitate a violent teenager.

The judge had two options. The state wants to send her to prison, which means sending her to Arizona, and the defense wants her to get help at a treatment center in Utah.

In the end, the Judge chose prison.

“I’m sentencing you here today to 60 months minimum, 180 months maximum to Nevada Department of Corrections,” the Judge said.

News 3 has been following the case of Dayshara Paschal Campos since May. We watched the violent attack play out on security camera video, and watched a jury convict her of battery with a deadly weapon.

Today, we heard her. We heard a 15-year-old girl fight through tears to say she was sorry.

“Finding out the girl was preg”...Campos struggled to finish the sentence, “I’m sorry, pregnant and also finding out her story made me feel more remorse.”

She addressed her victim directly, saying “I was wrong for what I did, I had no right to hurt you.”

Her victim, whose life was changed forever in that Clark High School attack, accepted her apology, but the judge said the seriousness of the crime meant a prison sentence was the only option he had.

Dayshara will spend five to nine years behind bars. Her mother does not know where she will be housed and tells us it will be hard to make the trip to see her.

She will be just 19-years-old when she gets out.

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