Vegas visitors react to recent deadly tour helicopter crashes

A helicopter crashed in New York City's East River, Photo Date: 3/11/2018 (Photo: Tuan-Lung Wang / Twitter)

The tour helicopter that crashed in New York's East River Sunday, killing five people, was made by the same company that manufactured the helicopter involved in a separate deadly crash at the Grand Canyon last month.

Both choppers were manufactured by French company Eurocopter.

The crash comes one month after a Las Vegas-based tour helicopter spiraled out of the control at the Grand Canyon. It resulted in a fiery crash that claimed the lives of five British tourists and left one passenger and the pilot hospitalized.

The helicopter tour company involved in the Arizona crash -- Papillon Airways -- is now facing a lawsuit claiming negligence after revealing plans to retrofit its helicopters with crash-resistant fuel tanks.

News 3 contacted several local helicopter tour companies throughout the Las Vegas Valley to discuss their safety protocols, but they refused to grant an interview.

Many tourists -- who are the lifeblood of these companies -- have mixed reaction to the recent events.

"I'll get on them," said one tourist, who added: "Your chance of crashing in a helicopter is probably less than crashing into a car."

However, others are more skeptical.

"I just don't know how safe or regulated they are, so I'm just not comfortable with them yet," another visitor told News 3.

Meanwhile, investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are continuing their work to explain what caused both of these deadly crashes.

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