Vice President Biden rallies Democratic voters during Las Vegas visit

VP Biden Speaks with Culinary Workers Union 10/13/16 (Chad Graves | KSNV)

Vice President Joe Biden made a quick stop in Las Vegas Thursday morning to urge voters to get Hillary Clinton to the White House.

Biden made a couple unexpected stops along his way to a rally at the Culinary Union Local 226 Hall.

Biden's first stop was inside a Clinton campaign office in Las Vegas.

He was there no more than a few minutes before taking his first shot at Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump after giving a woman a hug.

"By the way, she asked for the hug," Biden said.

The vice president talked to the campaign workers about ensuring Clinton is elected president.

"This president took us from crisis to recovery and we're on the verge of an overwhelming resurgence. Hillary is going to write the next chapter," Biden said.

His next stop was unexpected to the hundreds of Mandalay Bay employees having lunch at the casino's employee dining room.

He was accompanied by Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto who is locked in a tight race for the Senate with Republican Congressman Joe Heck.

For some of these workers, the visit was surreal.

"We were just having lunch and we were all shocked. It was a nice experience," said Erica Zuniga, an MGM employee.

The vice president's final stop was at the Culinary Union headquarters where he urged voters to vote for not only Clinton but also for Cortez Masto.

His speech was briefly interrupted by a heckler who called Bill Clinton a rapist.

The heckler was escorted out but prompted the crowd to chant, "They go low. We go high."

The vice president's final comments were a plea to the audience to get to the polls come November 8.

"So please, please, please, please. Up until the polls close. Do everything you can to call. Call your friends, get them to vote," Biden said.

The vice presidential visit comes on the heels of Clinton's stop in Las Vegas Wednesday night.

Next on deck for Las Vegas, the final presidential debate scheduled for next week.

The Republican National Committee issued this response to today's Las Vegas visit:

“With new poll numbers out today showing Catherine Cortez Masto continuing to trail behind Dr. Joe Heck, it’s no surprise Vice President Biden is in Las Vegas today to help his friend Harry Reid elect his hand-picked replacement in the U.S. Senate. After Hillary Clinton campaigned with Cortez Masto yesterday, it’s clear both candidates are still struggling to shore up the coveted ‘Obama coalition’ the Democrats need to turn out in November, and are now desperately turning to Joe Biden to help them do so. But with the cloud of corruption surrounding both Clinton and Cortez Masto’s candidacy, even Joe Biden may not be able to help save them with Nevada voters.” -- Sara Sendek, RNC Spokeswoman

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