Victim in Las Vegas taxi carjacking still traumatized, friend says

Authorities allege Nathaniel Goldsmith carjacked a taxi driver and took a dangerous ride on downtown Las Vegas streets.

Nathaniel Goldsmith is the man who went for a wild ride Saturday night, police say.

It all started when Goldsmith, 23, attacked a taxi cab driver and forced him out of his car near Las Vegas Boulevard and Carson Avenue, investigators tell News 3.

The suspected carjacker then took the taxi on a dangerous ride through downtown streets.

Officers say Goldsmith caused three separate accidents near Fremont Street.

Larry White said he witnessed the crashes.

"It used to be where you didn't hear about so many robberies in Vegas," White said. "Now it's like any other city. It's actually worse."

Ervin Duff tells us he knows the cabbie who came face to face with Goldsmith.

"He got to figure out if he still wants the job or not," said Duff, explaining that the cabbie is still traumatized.

Metro police say the wild ride did not end downtown. Goldsmith ditched the taxi on the North I-15 near Craig Road in North Las Vegas. He tried to carjack another car but was unsuccessful.

Goldsmith then somehow managed to hitch a ride on the back of a semi-trailer. Authorities eventually caught up with him at a gas station outside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Duff, a cab driver himself, has his theory why this may have happened.

"They are drug addicts doing it," he said.

Taxicab drivers we talked to tell us the streets have become more dangerous. Longtime cabbie Solomon Mugadese says passengers regularly threaten him, and he always expects the worse.

"You have to call 911," Mugadese said. "I look at the address. I call 911."

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