Victims wait seven years for murder trial of David Frostick to begin

Robin Jenkins was an aspiring singer. Who moved to LV for the opportunity. Her fiance is now on trial for her murder. 9/6/16 (Photo Courtesy: Jenkins Family)

It's a case that's been in the Clark County Court system for more than seven years.

David Frostick is charged with killing his fiance back in May of 2009.

After a very long wait, we can tell you jury selection has begun in this trial.

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Robin Jenkins, 45, moved to Las Vegas with hopes of making it as a singer.

Her family tells News 3 she would work as a server on the weekdays and work on her passion as a singer on the weekends. She lived with her fiance David Frostick and had just broken up with him.

"That was the most dangerous time for her and we didn't know," said Carolynne Ranch, Robin's step-mother.

Robin's father, Vic Jenkins, 78, was on the phone with Robin that day and believes he heard his daughter being murdered.

"When I called her I knew something was wrong by the way she answered. 'Robin how are you, she said things have been better,'" said Jenkins.

Frostick was arrested and seven long years later, his trial is getting underway.

"I need an acknowledgment and accountability on the part of the person who did this," said Jenkins.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson has told News 3 it's a priority for him to get cases to trial faster. Partially because victims are left in limbo and partially because their cases are harmed by passing the time.

"People's memories start to fade, people's desires start to fade, people want to move on with their lives," Wolfson said in an interview back in July.

In one of the hearings leading up to jury selection Judge Elissa Cadish acknowledged it was Frostick himself delaying the system.

"I can no longer allow Mr. Frostick's obstruction to delay this case," said Cadish.

After many delays, the trial is underway. Potential jurors are being questioned to find those able to render a just verdict.

For Jenkins, it's the beginning of what has been an immense personal struggle.

"Going through the forgiveness of the person who murdered my daughter and resentment and anger toward the system that let it take this long," said Jenkins.

It can take a few days for a jury to be selected in these types of cases.

The judge said once they get going the trial is expected to last about two weeks.

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