VIDEO: 7-11 clerk & customers fight back against beer thief near Charleston & Mojave

Clerk fights back.JPG

It was a battle over booze, and the 7-11 clerk captured on surveillance video wasn't going down without a fight.

Police say three men walked in the 7-11 on East Charleston Boulevard near Mojave Road around 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 17. One of the men tried to steal two cases of beer.

Surveillance footage shows the crook as he attempts to run out of the store beer in hand, but if he thought it'd be an easy getaway he was wrong.

The clerk jumped over the counter, grabbed him and started wrestling with him over the beer.

Concerned customers came to her aide shoving the suspect out of the store and forcing him to drop the beer.

"The way things are every day, everyone's so separated it's good to see people helping each other and coming together," said Las Vegas resident Paris Clark.

LVMPD says when their officers arrived, the crook and his friends were long gone, scared off by the courageous clerk and customers.

"That's what this community is, we've seen it since October one that's what this community is." Said Dave Kessler, Manager at a nearby business.

He says he commends the cashier and bystanders for fighting back, but in this situation, he would encourage his employees to stand down.

"I've told all of our employees here if that ever happens your life is more important than anything they can grab from you, we have insurance but your life is not something you can ensure," Kessler said.

Thankfully, no one was injured. Police say the 7/11 didn’t file a police report but anyone with information should call the police.

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