Video captures Henderson daycare worker tossing child to the floor

Aleana Estepp (Henderson PD)

It's a video that no parent wants to see involving their child.

A 20-year-old worker at a local daycare is now under arrest after she was caught on camera tossing a young child to the ground.

Surveillance video from K.I.D.S. Academy in Henderson shows the 20-year-old worker picking up a 5-year-old girl by the arms. The little girl lands on her feet, but the employee grabs the girl and picks her up again. The child is then thrown and her face slams on the floor.

"I was extremely upset. I saw red," said Nina Pitts, the mother of the child.

Pitts decided to go to the daycare after her daughter said she was hit. She demanded to see and record the surveillance.

"She told me that Ms. Aleana, that teacher had thrown her," said Pitts.

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After Henderson Police reviewed the video they arrested Aleana Estepp on child abuse charges. The owner of K.I.D.S. Academy had no comment.

"They didn't do their obligation in reporting it to childcare licensing and Henderson Police," said Pitts.

She says her daughter suffered a cut tongue from biting it and bruised ribs.

"Nobody accidentally throws someone that far and not once by twice," said Pitts.

Pitts hopes justice is done to protect other kids.

"The one thing I hope for she never works around children, disabled, elderly, anybody with needs again," said Pitts.

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