VIDEO: Vandals shatter windows near sleeping family at Spring Valley home


It was a dangerous attack in a neighborhood on the west side of Las Vegas: four teenagers were caught on camera throwing landscaping rocks at a home near Grand Canyon and Spring Mountain.

The attack happened on Monday just before midnight. The rocks shattered windows near a family sleeping.

The damage is both devastating and expensive. Homeowner Rich Barra said the video is hard to watch.

“You can hear them in the video laughing, like, 'Oh this is so fun.' That's what makes me even more mad,” said Barra.

Barra said the suspects shattered a window in his car and and another in his home's upstairs bedroom in his home.

“The back window of the car was blown completely out," Barra said. "The trunk was hit so hard it penetrated a whole the size of probably a quarter,” explained Barra.

Raymond Schmidt lives next door to Barra. He’s called the neighborhood home for 21 years.

“These kids need some hobbies,” said Schmidt. “They obviously had a nice vehicle to drive around in, so somebody's supporting their fun.”

According to police, the car in the video appears to be a gray 4-door newer SUV, possibly a Nissan Rogue.

“I think about when I was a kid, you know, the things I've done in the past, and I would never damage someone’s personal equipment,” Barra said.

Barra admits he is frustrated, knowing an attack like this one is anything but funny.

“I would never in the past have said, nah, they're just kids having fun, this is more than that,” said Barra. “This is way more than that. They're doing damage to people's homes.”

Police believe the attack was random.

If you recognize the suspects or the car in the home security video, call CrimeStoppers at 702-385-5555.

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