Viral video shows suspected drunk driver arrested with guns, ammo in car

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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers say they discovered a small stash of weapons and ammunition after showing up to arrest a drunk man at a busy shopping center.

It happened in a parking lot at Desert Inn and Pecos on Wednesday around 3:34 p.m.

The suspect has been identified as Jeremy Karsh.

Officers say Karsh was passed out behind the wheel when they found three guns and ammunition in his car.

Karsh was arrested for DUI and three counts of possession of a firearm by an intoxicated person.

Steven Gibson said he was waiting for a dentist appointment when he noticed Karsh.

“I just walk over and knock on his window and I don't get any acknowledgment at all,” said Steven Gibson.

That’s when Gibson called 911.

“All I did was what any concerned citizen ought to do,” noted Gibson.

Gibson took out his cell phone and recorded video of firefighters and police officers arriving at the scene. The video has been viewed thousands of times on Facebook.

“The officers opened the doors and removed all the weapons,” said Steven Gibson.

It turns out, Gibson wasn’t the only one Wednesday to encounter Karsh.

“I noticed this car was getting really close to me,” explained Raquel Gil.

Just a couple hours before Gibson’s run-in with Karsh, Raquel Gil says Karsh nearly hit her car and threatened her.

“That's when he said, do you want to die? It was in a threatening voice, with his eyes wide open. Do you want to die?” said Raquel Gil.

Eventually, Karsh was led away in handcuffs.

“We didn't find any evidence that determined he was out there to hurt anybody, however being intoxicated and being in possession of firearms is illegal in the state of Nevada,” explained Metro Officer Larry Hadfield.

It’s why Hadfield always reminds people of the phrase, “If you see something, say something.” “You know, potentially, lives were saved yesterday by stopping that person from driving,” explained Hadfield.

It was all with a little help from Gibson who decided to help police and call 911.

“They can't be everywhere. They just can't,” noted Gibson.

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