Visitors robbed while sleeping in Las Vegas hotel room want to warn others


Gabriella Ramirez and her two daughters, Gabriella and Michelle, came from Mexico to celebrate a birthday in Las Vegas, but the birthday girl says she is no longer having fun.

Suarez says while they were sleeping in their suite at Harrah's Hotel & Casino, their belongings were taken. Her mom was the first to notice the theft.

"We couldn't find her purse, then my sister realized she couldn't find hers,” Suarez said.

Michelle Suarez says she tracked her computer with a locating app to a local bar. When she noticed how close it was, she showed police. However, authorities said they couldn’t do anything about it.

Suarez said security found some of their belongings in an emergency stairwell.

Officers say these visitors took the right steps by reporting a crime.

"Even if it’s unlikely that we recover your property, it's very likely we might prevent someone else's property from being taken because you took the step of simply reporting it," Officer Jacinto Rivera said.

Caesars Entertainment released a statement:

“While we can't comment on ongoing investigations, what we can say is that once we learned about the incident we immediately contacted Metro and they are investigating."

In the meantime, these three visitors are buying time, and they say their party has come to an end. Suarez said management offered to remove their resort fee and gave them a $100 voucher for the three guests for two more nights of stay.

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