Wall or no wall? Locals speak out

Construction Staging Area for the wall: MGN Online

What's the best way to keep our southern border secure?

In Henderson, Ray Jensen says Donald Trump's on to something.

“I would like to see them build the wall,” Jensen told News 3 as he was walking into the Paseo Verde Library.

"A wall would be good for our country," he said, adding a message for Democrats, who now control half of Capitol Hill.

“Well, I want them to at least give Trump that opportunity,” Jensen said.

The standoff between Trump, who wants a wall, and Democrats, who want different security, is now approaching its 18th day.

The disagreement derailed funding for parts of the federal government, and here in Nevada, an estimated 3,400 federal workers may soon miss their first paycheck.

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On Tuesday night, President Trump will use his biggest bully pulpit--an oval office address. It will be his first to move the needle.

Progressive Annette Magnus, the executive director of Battle Born Progress, is already unimpressed.

“We don't need a wall. That's totally unnecessary. What we need is comprehensive immigration reform,” Magnus told News 3.

“Walls do nothing,” she says. “Walls fail.”

This debate is about walls, but it's more about people.

Trump says the southern border is being overrun with drugs, terrorists and migrants, although experts take issue with his claims.

While there’s currently a surge of families and children at the border, they say the number of migrant crossings has actually been dropping for years.

As for drugs, most of the heroin comes in through ports of entry, and federal statistics say the number of people caught on America’s terrorist watch list at the Southern Border was only six for the first half of 2018, according to NBC News.

In the meantime, there are those caught in the middle, like Erika Castro, a Las Vegas activist who is undocumented. Her parents brought her here when she was little. Las Vegas is the only home she knows.

The wall has held up any deal, so far, for her and her fellow "Dreamers." News 3 asked her what she would tell President Trump about a wall.

“That it's useless,” says Castro.

From one view to another.

I met Trump supporter Joseph Orrico in Henderson, who sized-up the stalemate.

“They both have to compromise and end the shutdown, but if that is what it has taken for border security, I'm in favor of it,” Orrico says.

The President’s address will be followed by a Democratic rebuttal, delivered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“I don’t want Pelosi or Schumer to cave on this,” says Annette Magnus. “This is non-negotiable.”

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