Warmer Las Vegas winter may bring longer, more intense allergy season

Volleyball in February! Yes, this is winter in #LasVegas. The weather means plants are poking out of the ground as if it's spring. But it's bad news for you allergy sufferers. (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

If you’re confused by this warm weather, no it’s not Spring yet. It’s still Winter. The unseasonably warm weather is causing strange things to happen in our yards.

It also means allergy sufferers can brace for an early start to the sneezing and itchy eyes.

Plenty of people were outside Thursday afternoon enjoying temperatures in the 70s. It’s not too hot and not too cold.

Jonathan Le and his friends spent the day at Sunset Park in Henderson.

They were wearing t-shirts and shorts while playing beach volleyball. "It feels nice. It feels really, really great out here,” said Le.

It’s the kind of weather that had desert garden guru Norm Schilling showing off his front yard.

"I've been working here in the Valley as a gardener for many years. I've never seen a winter anywhere near this warm,” said Norm Schilling of Schilling Horticulture Group.

Schilling said plants, flowers, and trees are poking out of the ground as if it’s Spring.

"Things like roses that are normally blooming starting in March, are already in full bloom. And then citrus are already blooming and starting to set fruit,” Schilling continued.

That means those cursed with seasonal allergies will be sniffling, sneezing and itchy sooner than normal.

News 3 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Janison said it’s going to be a rough year.

"Things that normally bud later, will still bud later so that's going to make the allergy season that much longer,” explained Kevin Janison.

According to Janison, unseasonably warm weather during the winter does not mean a hotter summer.

"Really, what happens in January and February has no bearing on what happens in the summer,” said Janison.

"One little hiccup in the pattern and we could go in a completely different direction. It's not unusual for us to have a really warm winter and a closer to normal summer,” he continued.

As for Le and his friends at Sunset Park, they're finding out a warm sweater isn’t always necessary for a volleyball game in February.

"It straight up feels like California right now,” said Le. "If only we could have this in the summer.”

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