FBI investigating video of local dog being beaten

Video of local dog being beaten has FBI investigating (Photo: Nevada Voters for Animals)

The video is beyond disturbing and it's the latest case of animal cruelty.

News 3 received a video of a dog seen repeatedly punched and beaten over the head by a man identified as Daman Holmes.

Holmes, who has a rap sheet in Utah, posted the video to his own Facebook page, intended as a threat to his ex-girlfriend and her family.

"He is the evilest person on the planet," said Casey Keegan, who claims her daughter used to date Holmes, and that he was physically and mentally abusive.

The threats have not gone unnoticed by authorities, including in Utah and here in Las Vegas.

LVMPD's Animal Cruelty division looked into the video but quickly learned federal authorities were already investigating.

As of this week, the FBI has handed the case over to the Clark County District Attorney's office for review.

In the meantime, animal advocates like Gina Greisen with Nevada Voters for Animals, are concerned Homes is still not under arrest.

"When someone escalates to the point where they're willing to videotape themselves and send that kind of threat, we need to address that right away," said Greisen.

On the video, the dog was smacked or punched a total of 19 times but was not seriously injured.

A fund for the dog has been set up.If you would like to donate, click here.

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