WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Amanda believes you have to look out for others in this life

This week's Wednesday's Child is Amanda, a dreamer you believes in the power of caring for others. (KSNV)

This world would be better if everyone was an advocate for people, a champion of others who protects and supports.

Some come by that naturally.

Meet this week's Wednesday's Child: Amanda, an advocate who believes you don't just look out for yourself in this life, you look out for others.

Just killing time in a park, I broke the ice with Amanda, guessing favorite colors for a coloring book.

Amanda picks red. Then, it's my turn to guess which color fits her best.

It's not hard to see this smart imaginative girl is a dreamer.

She wears what she wants on her sleeves, and all she wants is a chance for you to know her and invite her into your family.

"I think they should have a chance, knowing who I am. If I have a chance of being in a family, I'd be very happy," Amanda says.

We didn't color for very long before Amanda told me about seeing kids like her and wanting to protect them.

Amanda wants protection for others, though she hasn't always been protected.

"Kids are more special. They're like a fragile glass. If you break it, you can never replace it. I want them to have a chance with someone in the world that cares," Amanda says.

She thinks it's possible to heal our own wounds by healing those of others.

Amanda wants to heal, and she wants to lay claim to all the colors of life available for other kids.

Things like the holidays, dance recitals and graduations

She says she believes in staying confident when it's hard, and being patient when the dreams don't work out.

Amanda also has a message for someone who may see something special in her.

"You should't give up. People who will love you, get a chance to know you, and they're watching this story right now," she says.

For more information about Amanda and how to adopt click here.

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