WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Brothers Shane and Asher want to bring happiness to your family


    If you have a brother, you know it’s a special bond that is worth fighting for.

    Allow me to introduce you to two brothers who may not look a lot alike but who do want to live alike, and together.

    These brothers are this week’s Wednesday’s Child sibling set of two. Hoping you will have that heart fluttering moment as you watch their story and make them a part of your family through adoption.

    Every Wednesday's child has a certain something that can be summed up in a word or two. Something essential, about each one that says it all.

    In describing these brothers, I’d use the word “gentle.”

    Meet nine-year-old Shane.

    Shane has a depth about him as a kind of guide to his little blonde counterpart brother, Asher, who is three-years-old. A fun age that demands Shane steps up for the little one coming up behind him.

    “I tell him words he doesn’t know,” Shane said. “I show him things. I tell him which way to go not to go.”

    Shane is a dreamer. The perfect job?

    “I want to be a candy checker,” Shane said. “You have to check if the candy is good or bad.”

    Shane says after a long day of checking candy, he would like to live in the desert or in the mountains, where it is safe and quiet.

    This place, Shane says, includes “A bridge, a little big house, and a car by it.”

    "It wouldn’t be home without Asher," said Shane.

    They need each other.

    We interviewed the pair the day after Halloween, a night when Asher was sure to get Shane a toy after trick or treating.

    The brothers need to be adopted together promising to bring everyone into their adoptive family happiness.

    What’s the best way to be happy?

    “To smile,” they say. “Make friends, be nice, play, be happy.”

    You have the power to bring two little boys together and to bring them home to the family they need and dream of.

    All it takes is one call to change the lives of two charming little boys hoping you bring them home.

    For more information about Shane and Asher, click here.

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