WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: CJ wants a family who will talk to him about how his day has gone

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This young man is so smart -- his name is Capone, but he goes by CJ.

CJ is this week's Wednesday's Child, and I think you'll learn he's a bright, smart boy easily qualifying to be a part of your family.

CJ is a DJ -- that's where we met this bright 15 year old who wants a forever family. CJ is smart as a whip with career goals bigger than his years.

When asked what he career he wanted, he replied:

“Either be advanced music, or a herpetologist -- study reptiles.”

CJ knows that to get there, he's going to have to study hard. Where does this boy dream of going to college?

“Washington University, Dartmouth or UCLA,” CJ says.

CJ has a few years before college, and he sure hopes someone will give him what he hasn't had: a family.

“I want a family to talk to about how my day goes,” said CJ. “They're someone I can talk to when I need to talk to them. They have a dog or two.”

CJ, who plays the violin in his school's orchestra, has been in foster care for a while. I asked him what taught him to not give up hope of being adopted.

“I had a school assignment, I was about to give up, and it started working and the hope comes back,” CJ Says. “If I had given up, I would have never found that hope in the first place.”

CJ found hope because he looks for it, and waits for it.

Are you the one to make the connection that brings hope back for him?

To inquire about CJ and learn just how easy adoption can be when you start with love, visit or call the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335.

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