WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: John dreams of wearing his 'best clothes' to meet his forever family


I've got some knowledge that goes beyond a mere theory -- it's been tested, and it's true. people who open their hearts up to a child seeking adoption into a forever family experience miracles.

Ask John to write down who, and what, his forever family will look like, and the answer on paper materializes in his own handwriting.

"A family is to me a lot of happy, and a lot of pride," John writes.

We met this curious, smart and charming boy at The Center LV, where Las Vegas' own mad scientist, Ladybug, gave him a day he loved.

This boy's head is anything but in the clouds in real life. Instead, it's in his dreams of what a forever family would look like.

“There's a house, there's a dog, there's a brother and sister -- and they're happy,” John said.

John proves we can dream about something we've never really had. He tells me he's moved from foster home to foster home, waiting.

“It’s horrible. I hate it,” John said. “It's like waking up to something that you don't want to do at all.”

John loves sports, loves science, and he's a dancer. He says he feels “happy” and “free” when he dances.

Adoption isn't as difficult as people think it is, and John could be yours if you opened your heart and made yourself available to the process.

He just wants a home to come home to. And while John waits, John dreams of wearing his “best clothes” to the adoption hearing that makes it all official.

What are his best clothes? John says they are white shoes, white pants, and a white dress shirt with buttons.

John has the outfit picked out to come home in.

He's ready.

Are you?

“What do you want people to know about you?” I asked John.

“That I'm pretty awesome,” he said.

I believe him. I've enjoyed getting to know him.

For information on adopting John or any of the youngsters you see on our Wednesday's Child segment, contact or call the adoption exchange at 702-436-6335

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