WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Malachi is searching for the love that only a family can provide


Do you know what your name means? Do you know why the person who gave you life, gave you that name? I got to explore those questions with a bright 17-year-old boy.

His name is Malachi, and he's this week's Wednesday's Child hoping for a forever family.

“My mom -- she didn't have the money to take care of me,” said Malachi.

Before the hard times that put Malachi in foster care, the woman who gave him life also gave him a name. Only, until this day, he didn't know what it meant. So we looked it up.

Malachi means “messenger” or “angel,” and he is an angel of a guy. He volunteers at a community center. He's polite. He values kindness. And he's respectful. There are all traits he'd bring in to your home.

We first met Malachi at Blend the Dj Institute where he got a one on one lesson on how to be a dj. Music, says malachi, is a part of his life's message.

“Music helps me with a lot of things,” Malachi said. “I use it as a coping skill.”

Malachi has had to learn how to cope, and sometimes coping is hard.

“I know people say men don't cry, but I cry,” said Malachi.

What would dry his tears? The simple things. A family. A bedroom that is his. And a family picture with Malachi's eyes looking out from the frame.

“It's the love, more than anything else,” said Malachi. “People don't know what love is.”

If you wonder what love is in this world, look no further. You have it in you. And Malachi joins other Clark County foster children waiting to receive.

“The world wants to see something special. I'm something special.” Malachi said.

To inquire about Malachi and learn just how easy adoption can be when you start with love, click here or call the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335.

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