WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Peter needs a home that will make him their purpose

Meet Peter, this week's Wednesday's Child. (KSNV)

How big is your heart? Do you feel you have a purpose in your life?

Those are the big questions I want you to consider as I introduce you to a young man whose life demands big hearts, and someone who wants a purpose.

This week’s Wednesday’s Child, Peter, communicates differently than a lot of us. He is talking, however, if you listen and watch closely enough.

Eyes that contemplate rain falling outside. Hands that make crosses out of blocks over and over. Silent, but steady, Peter is.

The world needs people with compassion. We don’t have a lot of that.

The world also needs a reminder to look in to eyes and pay closer attention to those whose brilliance, may not be like everyone else.

Peter’s caregivers tell me their hope for him is: to find a home.

So, using blocks, Peter and I built a home. Eventually, he took my hand to count the blocks

The smallest of gestures messaging me to build with him.

He may progress even further if we can find a parent or parents that do have the patience

But greater than patience for Peter, is an adoptive family seeking a purpose.

Peter could be that purpose.

So we ask you again: do you feel you have a purpose? And how big is your heart? Maybe Peter is your purpose. With purpose, there’s always hope.

I still have hope that there is someone for him, and for all of our kids on Wednesday’s Child.

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