WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Robert wants to make your family happy

Robert Wednesday's Child.png

14 isn't exactly the easiest age to be, no matter how great your home life is.

It's the great in-between, where a lot of kids really need the love of family. So, imagine being 14 and not having a family.

That's the reality for Robert. He's this week's Wednesday's child, hoping for a forever home.

At 14, Robert is that typical teen waiting to get his braces off.

“No pain no gain,” Robert says, when asked whether the braces hurt.

Pain has been a part of Robert's life, beyond just having braces. He says he knows what it's like to be bullied and not have a home to go to after school.

That's why, now, he steps forward to defend kids from bullies.

“When someone got bullied, I said ‘Stop, don't do that it's mean.’” Robert says.

Robert says he sometimes has hard days, and hard days demand soft places to fall. For Robert, that means a family, so he can be happier.

He's just a kid who wants to be happy and who wants to make others happy too.

For that family watching Robert at this very moment, Robert says, bring him home.

“Just do it. You would love me, and I know that,” Robert says.

To learn more about Robert or any of the children you see on this Wednesday's child segment, contact or call the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335.

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