WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: See into the heart of a little boy who can't speak for himself

Leland 193254 2018_006.jpg

We need you to do something, as human beings are all called to do. Look deeper. See past a picture and see into the heart of a little boy who can’t speak for himself.

I want you to get to know this weeks’ Wednesday's Child, Leland. See if you can see something special in his eyes.

He gets around in a small wheelchair -- two wheels for the little boy with two leg braces, and two little arms learning to push himself into the world.

This world that hasn’t always been kind to one of the smallest among us.

"He came into care. He’s never had a feeling of family," said Emre Iscan with the Clark County Family Services.

Emre is Leland's caseworker and today, his voice in the world. She says 2-year-old Leland has proven everyone wrong.

It’s showed me the resilience of a child’s spirit. All children just want love and a home and family and to thrive," Emre said. "He’s learning to walk. We never imagined that but Leland is our child.

Lionel belongs to us. We need to take these children personally as our own children -- these little ones who wait to be adopted and yes our teachers while they wait.

How is Leland an example for someone who is hurting? Look at Leland's strength. This child embodies what we all have in us. We need only open our hearts and homes for him.

For more information on the adoption process, or to connect with Leland, click here.

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