WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Share a seat at your table with Jason and Clifford

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There are children in our valley who know what it's like to pack up everything they own and move.

They move from foster home to foster home, and they move often.

And while they move, they hope and they pray for a forever family. Someone who will say, "You don't have to move anymore."

Meet Jason and Clifford. They are brothers living the same reality.

These Wednesday's Child siblings who hope their next move will be to their forever home.

Papers in hand, Jason and Clifford wrote down for News 3 what a family would mean to them.

Over and over, these brothers have had to do things that made them afraid.

The hard times all started when their mom left them when there were about 8 or 9 years old. They have had at least seven foster families.

"You get used to the pain", says Clifford.

At 11 and 12, these boys - who love Greek mythology, nature and the Boy Scouts - want you to know that if you're having a hard day anywhere near the hard days they've had, to remember to stay strong and just hope.

Stay strong and just hope.

They will, if you will. And in the meantime, if you have a couple of extra spaces at your table, a couple of brothers would sure like to take the seats.

"I wish you could bring us home. Please, and thank you", says Clifford.

They are polite boys. Good students performing well in school. Smart as whips.

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