WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Ten-year-old Dakoda faces another Christmas without a forever family

Meet this week's Wednesday's Child, Dakoda, who doesn't want to face a Christmas without a family. (KSNV)

Sometimes, adding just one word to the end of a sentence makes all the difference.

Tonight’s Wednesday’s child, Dakoda, shows you one word has the power to change a story and give hope.

Ten-year-old Dakoda faces another Christmas without a forever family.

“It would make me cry,” he says of the holidays. “it would make me like feel like no one wants me.”

It’s a sting of sadness he and other Wednesday’s child kiddos feel from time to time -- a story forming throughout the years while they wait: nobody wants me.

But you can add one word that changes everything -- the word is ‘yet.’ No one wants me yet.

Someone will adopt Dakoda soon -- maybe you, reading right now at home. and if you’re feeling it, there’s some things you need to know about this kiddo:

He loves to draw. he’s great at board games. a good book is, to him, a good friend.

And he has a reason for reading:

“[So] I can get a job and I can be successful,” he says.

When he’s successful, he wants a cat. He’ll name it sprinkles.

“Cuz they’re sweet and tasty,” Dakoda says.

Dakoda’s humor comes out of heartache. and he’s wise too – he’s exactly the same age as my twins, with advice for how I can get them to clean their room:

“Tell them they have to clean it up before dinner,” he told me

I’m going to do that tonight.

High five, Dakoda. Now let’s get you a family.

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