WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: This brother/sister duo dreams of a family who takes care of them

Orlando and Vanessa

We all need a somebody. Somebody to go through this life with to lift us and protect us.

Typically, that's called "family."

Meet ten-year-old Vanessa and 9-year-old Orlando -- this week's Wednesday's child brother/sister duo, who represent the only family in the world they have.

Sometimes, it's what kids don't say, that says everything.

We found 9-year-old Orlando picking flowers off a tree for his sister, Vanessa. This pair came to this world only months apart from each other, and they want to enter a family together.

“A family to me is people that are nice and helpful,” writes Vanessa.

Life hasn't always been nice or helpful to Vanessa and Orlando. They’ve been through hard times and weathered many storms together.

What’s kept them strong?

“Not thinking about it much,” Vanessa says.

Instead of thinking about the tough times, Vanessa laughs. That laugh is cute and infectious.

She has the best laugh, and the best hopes.

She hopes for a family for the holidays. she hopes for a bedroom that she would paint blue -- walls with her own art, and her brother under the same roof, who she loves dearly.

“He's the only person I have right now,” Vanessa says.

Orlando is Vanessa's, and Vanessa is Orlando's. And yet, for whatever reason, Orlando and Vanessa don't have a somebody to call them their own.

Vanessa says she wants a family who takes care of them. It’s something she dreams of.

Are you the one?

To inquire about Vanessa and Orlando and learn just how easy adoption can be when you start with love, contact or call the adoption exchange at 702-436-6335.

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