WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Twins Trevor and Terrell are ready to accept you with open arms

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Ever have a day when you wish someone would just accept you the way you are and come running with open arms?

I got that gift last week when I turned a corner at the place where twin four-year-olds Trevor and Terrell live, without parents, hoping for adoption. They jumped directly into my arms.

These brothers are this week’s Wednesday’s Child.

Trevor and Terrell are every bit TNT. They play with such joy, this 40-something-year-old reporter found himself bargaining for a break.

They are twins, and they are magic.

“These boys are full of life full of energy, you see,” said social worker Becky Robinson. “And just loving.”

Loving and playful, these boys must be placed together. After all, who would even think of separating them?

“We believe the boys just need more nurturing love, consistency, and they will thrive,” said Robinson

They’re trusting and loving. We should have that in our own hearts to love and trust others.

No, parenting them wouldn’t be easy. Parenting any child has challenges. However, Robinson says the perfect parents for the twins wouldn’t have to go it alone.

“There’s help out there,” said Robinson. “There’s support and that’s good for families to know.”

Some families may think, “someone else can do it better," But you can do this. They’re counting on it.

To get to know the twins, Terrell and Trevor, better, head to

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