WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Victoria loves Disney, and wants a family that loves her

Victoria (courtesy Adoption Exchange).jpg

You know what I love about the kids in Clark County hoping to be adopted? They are dreamers.

They've lived difficulty, yes, but in that difficulty, they've found faith and hope, and they dream

Meet 8-year-old Victoria, who dreams of many things, especially a forever family.

I met Victoria a couple of times before this day. Things haven't been easy for her and she needed time to feel safe.

Finally, a way in: Disney.

“When you wish upon a star, doesn't matter who you are,” the song goes.

The music calmed her.

I watched Victoria kind of settle in, her arms holding her face as she peered in to a Disney world where hearts are healed and never broken.

Friends at last, we colored.

Victoria let laughter leave her as we found common ground over crayons and a stuffed pelican she quickly named “Flower.”

Flower, she tells me, is a little nervous going to a new family.

“He wants to know if he'll like his new family,” she said. “I think so. It’s going to be a happy family with him.”

Victoria loves her foster mother, but needs a family who will adopt her. I asked her what that family would look like.

“Happy, Happy day,” she says. “They like me when I'm good. They love me when I'm good.”

She is good -- a little canvas waiting for love to paint its mark on a life colored by difficulty.

This aspiring, curious vocalist who loves pink and purple says she won't forget the words to the song that captures her dream for a forever family, and hopes you won’t either.

“When you wish when you wish on a star, makes no difference who you are.”

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