Weed in Vegas: Pot sales go out with a bang

Generic marijuana (KSNV file)

Revelers are getting ready to hit “America’s Party” and that means many will also head to recreational pot retailers.

Six months ago, pot retailers were ringing their first legal recreational sale, and now, people like Franco are ready to ring in the new year at America's Party. Franco was surprised to hear the rules, like how marijuana can only be consumed in private spaces. Also, if caught, a person can get a fine of $600 while smoking in public places like hotels, bars, parks, or on the street.

“We got here two days ago. We heard it was legal so we might have taken in the wrong way," said Franco.

In 2017, Nevada took top spot over every other state when it comes to marijuana sales. This weekend, retailers expect to go out with a bang.

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Mike Pizzo with Reef Dispensaries says they will hand out free 3D Weed Googles and have a searchlight so that people can find them.

"Given our proximity to the Strip, I think we'll see a lot people coming on foot," said Pizzo.

Experts like John Mueller say those sales might just hit a new high next year.

"I think we could be pushing a billion dollar a year," said Mueller.

And with this cash cow, Nevada may welcome changes in 2018 with the approval of pot lounges. Visitors could get a break early next year when the City of Las Vegas votes on whether to approve an ordinance allowing pot-friendly social clubs.

“We're all talking about how we do it right, you look at Colorado it had a false start and other states have tried this -- but how do we do it right?” said Mueller.

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