'We're not taking it down:' North Las Vegas responds to VGK graffiti at sports park

Someone painted a giant #GoldenKnights Logo on the grass at Cheyenne Sports complex in North Las Vegas. (Gabby Hart | KSNV)

Thursday’s home game is a must-win for the Golden Knights, and fans are keeping hope alive.

In fact, one fan took it upon themselves to paint a giant Golden Knights logo on the grass at Cheyenne Sports Park in North Las Vegas.

Even though the artist painted the logo without the city’s permission, officials have decided not to take it down.

Delen Goldberg with the city of North Las Vegas says city officials want to make it clear that painting on public property without permission is not acceptable -- in fact, it's illegal -- but in this case, the city has decided to let it slide.

"We don't see the need to take it down," Goldberg said. "Obviously, we don't encourage people to go out and do art without the backing or permission of the city. With that said, we're not grinches. We love the Golden Knights."

And it's plain as day that residents all across the valley share that love. Even with the Golden Knights down 3-1 as they head into Game 5, fans aren't just hopeful the Knights can win the Stanley Cup -- they're speaking it into existence.

"I know they're gonna win! We keep the faith, Vegas, Vegas strong," said Vegas resident David Shy.

Knights fan Crystal Hernandez agrees.

“At this point, anything’s possible, who knows?” she said.

The city of North Las Vegas says they'd actually like for the person who painted this giant logo to come forward -- not so they can punish them, but instead maybe partner with them for a bigger and more permanent Golden Knights painting.

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