What is 5G and Why do You Need It?


The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show was a mecca for thousands of futuristic ideas but many of them can't be supported on our current 4G networks.

The term "5G" was big at CES this year as many companies like Intel , Verizon, and Qualcomm are racing to have it available to consumers.

The term 4G is familiar to many of us when talking about our smart phones, but Intel’s Roxanne Gryder tells News 3, that network is limited.

Gryder says 5G is much more than an upgraded network for your cell phone. Gryder, explained this network will be instrumental in running the ideas of the future like self-driving and connected cars, delivery drones, and interconnected devices at home and in the workplace. Latency or delay of transferring data will be much smaller than what we currently have making more futuristic experiences possible.

Intel projects their 5G network will be available to consumer’s next year. This isn’t an overnight upgrade, brand new infrastructure to support the much faster network will have to be built because the current ones

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