'When your baby stops breathing, it’s silent' | The dangers of sleeping with your baby

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Police say a 9-month-old baby boy died in Las Vegas Monday after sleeping with his Dad.

The tragedy is a reminder of the dangers of sharing a bed with a baby.

Every month, at least two babies die in Clark County after getting trapped or suffocated while sleeping in the same bed as their parents.

It’s a preventable problem. A local non-profit organization called Baby’s Bounty is working to make sure no other child dies this way.

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The organization helps low-income parents with newborn babies. They assist them with cribs, car seats and diapers. They also hold parenting classes.

Sergio Geraldo was at Tuesday afternoon’s parenting class. He’s a single dad. He came with his 3-month-old daughter Maria.

"It’s a learning experience nonetheless because I’m a first-time dad,” said Sergio Geraldo.

Geraldo wants to make sure his daughter always has a safe place to sleep. It’s just one topic covered in the 2-hour class.

“You can never safely with your baby. There is no safe way to sleep with your baby,” explained Kim Amato, Founder of Baby’s Bounty.

"The dangers and risks of an accidental rollover are impossibly high. 3500 babies die every year across the country. All the research shows it’s dangerous to sleep with your baby,” she explained.

It’s not just dangerous. Amato says it can be deadly.

"Guess what? When your baby stops breathing, it’s silent. you don’t know when your baby stops breathing", says Amato.

Amato wants all parents to know the ABC’s of sleep.

"Always alone, always on the back, and always in a crib,” she noted.

It’s a message Amato shares with parents like Geraldo.

"Just trying to stay a step ahead,” said Geraldo.

For him, it’s about making sure his daughter always feels his love and protection, even when she dozes off to the soothing voice of her Dad.

If you’re in need of a crib or wants tips on safe sleeping, click here.

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