Where are the tech jobs?

Where are the tech jobs? 4/12/17 (KSNV)

Five-years-ago, at a meeting with the heads of tech companies, Governor Brian Sandoval talked about STEM programs. The State pushed successfully to expand the Science Technology Engineering and Math programs in school across Nevada. The future was so bright one of those tech companies called our Southern Nevada city “Silicon Vegas”.

But now, in 2017 a study published on says Nevada is 44th in the country for jobs in the tech sector. Its 31,000 tech jobs put it just shy of Idaho.

So how does a state with Zappos, Switch, Tesla, and the Consumer Electronics Show find itself towards the back of the pack?

Its skilled workforce says, Mike Yoder. Yoder is the CEO of WinTech LLC, which created the virtual assistant known as Alice.

It's so hard to find educated and skilled workers here that Yoder would have trouble expanding. “We have tried and been successful staying here but we're still a small company. If we had to hire on fifty to one hundred engineers we'd probably have no way of doing that here” he tells us.

The state is looking to solve that problem. Legislators are debating Senate Bill 200 which would require certain students take Computer and Technology classes. The bill would also create a subcommittee to look at how computer engineering and technology is taught here.

Yoder’s response? “If my school back in North Carolina could have done it 30 years ago we should really be doing a lot better 30 years later to get our kids involved.”

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