Why the summer heat makes us so grumpy in Las Vegas


A heat wave continues into the weekend in the Las Vegas valley.

Friday, was our ninth day this summer making it to at least 110 degrees.

If the hot weather makes you irritable, you are not alone.

Studies show a connection between heat and hostility.

Hazel Moorehead said it is the only way she’d be at the park.

She stood in a splash pad, playing with her grandchildren.

“Usually I can take the heat, but I am already splashing water on me,” she said with a laugh. “They love the park. And my baby loves water. Oh, he loves water."

Nearby, Tommy Garcia and his friends know the heat is no joke.

The group was trying to stay cool while playing disc golf.

“Sometimes the hotter it is, the better we play!” said Tommy Garcia.

“When we are out here, we always have water and our cars have a lot of water. We're always pretty prepared,” explained Garcia.

Hot temperatures are a way of life in the desert. However, heat waves can lead to hot tempers.

“I could understand how that could happen. I've had some days I felt it was the weather because I was cranky for no reason,” said Moorehead.

“You see people have the Golden Knights emblems on their vehicles and then cut you off doing 80 miles an hour. I don't get it. I don't get it,” said Garcia.

If you think the heat makes you grumpy, UNLV Psychology Professor Stephen Benning said watch what happens when the NFL gets here in two years.

“When the Raiders come, for instance, there's even a study that was suggesting there may be more penalties called when it's hotter,” said Benning.

Back at the splash pad, take a cue from Moorehead. She’s having fun while trying to stay cool. She knows that’s better than shouting at a stranger.

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